We’re not up to date!!!!!

According to an article published in this week’s New Zealand Farmer Weekly, Tim Ritchie, the Chief Executive of the New Zealand Meat Industry Association, thinks we’re not up to date.

“The recent Coriolis report on the meat industry suffers in comparison with the Red Meat Sector Strategy (RMSS), said Meat Industry Association chief executive Tim Ritchie. The RMSS reflected time spent in “internal discussion” with players in the industry and has been broadly accepted and adopted, whereas Coriolis engaged in “desk research” and was not up to date.”

The $400,000 Deloitte Red Meat Sector Strategy is available here.

Coriolis’ $20,000 Food & Beverage Information Project Sector Stream Meat is available here.

Compare them yourself and decide.  As they say, “your mileage may vary.”